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Join the 750+ teachers who have already downloaded more than 3,200 of our learning units. From globalization and sustainability to recessive and dominant traits in sheep and cattle breeding, our resources offer contextualized learning to appeal to the varied interests of your students.


Explore our engaging collection of teaching and learning resources for Year 9 to 12 students. All are aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum and endorsed by NZQA with the QAAM trademark at levels 1 and 2. They are available to be downloaded in PDF format.

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Guest speakers

New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF) have clubs nationwide filled with young people passionate about the work they do in the primary sector. If your learners would enjoy having someone come in and speak about what they do and why they love their work, or to provide further information about the topics covered in our resources, simply find the nearest club and get in touch.

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